•  6th Grade Technology and Engineering Education:


    Design and Modeling

    Design and Modeling (DM) provides students opportunities to apply the design process to creatively solve problems. Students are introduced to the unit problem in the first activity and are asked to make connections to the problem throughout the lessons in the unit. Students learn and utilize methods for communicating design ideas through sketches, solid models, and mathematical models. Students will understand how models can be simulated to represent an authentic situation and generate data for further analysis and observations. Students work in teams to identify design requirements, research the topic, and engage stakeholders. Teams design a toy or game for a child with cerebral palsy, fabricate and test it, and make necessary modifications to optimize the design solution.

    7th Grade Technology and Engineering Education:

    Flight and Space 

    Flight and Space (FS) provides students the opportunity to explore the science behind aeronautics and use their knowledge to design, prototype, and test model rocket fuel and a glider.  Custom built simulation software allows students to experience space travel. The use of tools such as the engineering design process, an engineering notebook, and computer simulations to explore, invent, and innovate.  Units of study include; History of flight and Space, Aeronautics and Traveling and Living in Space.

    8th Grade Technology and Engineering Education:
    The eighth grade technology class is a 12 week course in which students study STEM and manufacturing with an emphasis on problem solving.  STEM will be a focus with the continued study and graphical programming of robots.  Students will use ROBOTC graphical interface software to write and program VEX IQ robots.  Programming will include the use of a variety of sensors and how they react to different commands.  The engineering design loop will be introduced to students and used to solve challenges. 
    The study of manufacturing will continue introducing the students to the use of the band saw and router.   Emphasis is placed on safety, quality control, production processes, evaluation of feedback, recognition of technological problems, and developing alternative solutions.