There will no longer be an A/B schedule. We will run the same Instructional Support schedule each day (listed below).

    Beginning the week of April 20, each Wednesday will be a Pause Day. On a Pause Day, students can be engaging in make-up assignments/quizzes/exams, previously assigned work (due on that date or a later date), or receiving teacher guidance on assignment completion. Instructional Support hours will continue as scheduled on Pause Days, however, no new instruction, quizzes/exams, or new assignments will occur on these days. Teachers should utilize the Weekly Guidelines to Address Assignment Completion Concerns below to address missed work from students. We believe this mid-week pause will be beneficial to students and teachers as we proceed with this extended closure.

    In the Remote Learning folder on Blackboard, each teacher will use the following Weekly Remote Learning Plan Template. This will be used to simplify the way we share learning expectations to students and parents/guardians.

  • Announcements: An announcement reviewing the weekly agenda should be shared by Monday morning at 8 a.m. Daily announcements are no longer required to be sent and should only be used when a change is made to the weekly announcement.

    Quarter 4 Grading for 2019-2020

    • Student grades for the first three quarters (Q1-Q3) will be calculated using running total points per current District practice.
    • A form of Pass/Fail will be utilized for the fourth quarter (Q4). To make this concept work with our current point system, the following should occur to calculate total points for Q4:
      • Q4 assignments will be graded as they typically would be throughout the quarter.
      • At the end of Q4, each student’s grade will be overridden by either 100% or 60% of the total points using the following criteria:
        • PASS: Students earning at least 61% of the points assigned in Q4 will receive 100% of the total points available for the quarter.
        • FAIL: Students earning 60% or less of the points assigned in Q4 will receive 60% of the total points available for the quarter.
      • Staff will provide a Q4 percentage for the report card (not P/F), which will allow for GPA calculations for the quarter, semester, and year.

    Final Grades & Transcript Grades for 2019-2020

    • Full-Year Courses: Points Earned Q1-Q4 / Total Points Q1-Q4 = Grade (%) on report card.
    • 2nd Semester Courses: Points Earned Q3-Q4 / Total Points Q3-Q4 = Grade (%) on report card.
    • Transcript will display the letter grade associated with the full year % on the report card.
    • Weighted Courses: Leveled courses that typically earn weight, will be calculated per the regular District policy (Program of Studies - page 13).

    Reminders about Remote Learning

    We will be using Blackboard to access Remote Learning assignments.

    Each day students should do the following:

    1. Check-in for attendance by logging into TigerID and clicking on the Remote Learning Check-In App. Click here for directions: nasd.school/StudentRemoteCheckIn
    2. Check your North Allegheny School District email often.
    3. Log in to Blackboard with your TigerID to complete your assignments and check the Announcements. Lessons will be posted in a Remote Learning folder in your Blackboard courses. Teachers are available via email during the school day. The directory with contact information for teachers at each school is located below:
    4. Teachers are available online by subject area for Instructional Support Hours during the times below. Each teacher will share the method they will use to communicate during these office hours on their individual Blackboard account in their Remote Learning folder and on their Blackboard Announcements.

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