"While the Lights Were Out"
  • Free Gold Card/Senior Citizen’s Performance: February 7 at 3:30PM

    Thursday, February 8 at 7:00PM

    Friday, February 9 at 7:00Pm

    Saturday, February 10 at 2:00PM & 7:00PM

    $8.00 tickets at the door

  • While the Lights Were Out is a breathtaking comedy, full of laughter, surprises, and enough suspense to keep your audience on their toes. Lord Clive and Lady Monica Wickenham are hosting a dinner party that turns sour. A thunderstorm! The lights go out! An agonized voice! A pistol shot! The lights come up! A mysterious blonde stands over the dead man holding a bloody dagger! Shot? Stabbed? But wait, don't jump to any conclusions. The detective examines the body and announces, "He's been strangled!" This is but the opening of one of the most astounding and hilarious murder mysteries ever staged. The question on everyone's mind: What happened while the lights were out? Every clue is a lulu and the plot twists furiously. The characters are unique and display a great variety for such a gathering: A French gentleman, Pierre Pourri, out to win the hearts of every woman; Jasmine Perdoo, a lady citizen of Alabama with a most humorous accent and a tendency to be secretly in the presence of the most interesting conversations. As well, Lady Monica's sister, Fredonia, a woman of poise who finds it difficult to handle the naive group that has gathered for the evening, arrives with her daughter, Chloe, a darling young girl with an innocent mind. Chief Inspector Barbra Braddock is the woman out to solve the case without the faintest idea of how to go about it, constantly in need of help from her assistant, Sgt. Alma Threedle, the real brains behind the mystery. These characters and more collide in an attempt to discover what really happened while the lights were out. Who will it be? Will Barbra manage to solve the crime with such an odd collection of suspects? The final solution involves the most bizarre motive ever conceived.

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