• Middle School Curriculum

    General Music

    General Music is the study of music performance, history, theory, technology, and appreciation of the arts across various cultures approached by the following means:

    1. Understanding many types of music through the study of guided listening, and moving to music.
    2. Understanding and using music notation as a means to perform and compose music.
    3. Understanding musical structures and forms by analyzing musical examples.
    4. Creating music by improvising, composing, and arranging music for voices, instruments, computers and electro-acoustical instruments.

    General Music develops musical skills and understanding not readily acquired through ordinary school or social experiences. Students who have completed the prescribed sequence of General Music courses should:

    1. Listen to music with understanding.
    2. Describe music verbally and/or non-verbally.
    3. Read music notation.
    4. Perform music.
    5. Improvise and/or compose music.

    At the Middle Schools, General Music includes:

    1. African Drumming
    2. Guitar Playing
    3. Keyboard Playing
    4. Music History
    5. Music Theory
    6. Composition

    Middle School Band

    The North Allegheny Middle School Band program includes instruction on wind and percussion instruments. Band is a co-curricular performance class that is offered in 6th, 7th and 8th grades with students grouped according to grade level and instrument choice. This class meets every other day and the full ensemble meets during activity period. In the small group setting, students focus on reviewing concepts, skills and information learned in elementary band but at a higher level of proficiency and understanding in keeping with the spiral curriculum. In class, emphasis is placed on proper breath support, embouchure development, tone quality, aural skills, intonation, instrument technique, music reading, listening skills, ensemble playing and teamwork. Within this curriculum, students can expect to perform a varied repertoire of music. Students will also learn appropriate rehearsal and concert etiquette. Students are not auditioned for inclusion in the program. Each group performs in two formal concerts (Winter and Spring) as well as assemblies and other performances throughout the year. 

    Middle School Chorus

    The North Allegheny Middle School Choral program is a natural progression from the elementary choral program. The goal of middle school vocal music is to support and develop the adolescent changing voice by performing literature that is vocally age-appropriate. Students in the middle school choral program will sing a diverse repertoire that teaches them about the development of choral music. The courses include instruction in healthy vocal technique, proper tone production, and comprehensive musicianship. Within each grade level, there is an emphasis on independent musicianship including aural development, reading music, and part-singing depending on the grade and level of ensemble. Chorus students in the middle school meet every other day as a scheduled academic class. 

    Middle School Orchestra

    The North Allegheny Middle School Orchestral program consists of students with experience playing a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass). Orchestra students in the middle school meet in sections every other day as a scheduled class. They meet as a full ensemble during activity period. Students focus on refining skills and building upon concepts learned at the elementary level. Emphasis is placed on proper instrument position and technique, and students spend time improving tone, intonation, rhythm skills, aural skills, and ensemble skills. Students can expect to learn literature of varying styles from various time periods throughout the school year. Students will also learn concert and rehearsal etiquette. Students are not auditioned for inclusion in the program. Each group performs in two formal concerts (Winter and Spring) as well as assemblies and other performances throughout the year.