• Course Offerings

    Grade Regular Honors
    7 Exploratory Exploratory
    8 Level I Level I
    9 Level II Honors Level II
    10 Level III Honors Level III
    11 Level IV Honors Level IV
    12 Honors Level V Advanced Placement

    The Honors Level 5 Course is offered as the culminating course for the regular tier Level 4 student. Students will schedule for the Honors Level 5 Course.

    Exploratory Languages

    Students in seventh grade explore world language learning. Nine-week courses in French, German, Latin, and Spanish introduce students to foreign words and phrases to increase their awareness of different cultures, customs, and thought patterns.  Students study two of the four offered languages. The content includes such ideas as everyday expressions and greetings, family life, clothing, foods, time, sports, and weather. An important outcome of the world language program is the opportunity it gives students to make informed choices regarding which language they would like to study the following year. 

    Level I 8th Grade

    Classes meet every day for a full year. Students will learn to understand, speak, read and write through the use of authentic and textbook materials.

    High School

    Review the Program of Studies to see the world language offerings at the high school level.

    World Language Honors Track

    Acceleration Process