• Acceleration

    This page contains general information for students interested in accelerating through either honors biology or honors chemistry during the summer of 2022, prior to the 22-23 school year.

    Note that students must fill out the NASD Science Acceleration form prior to April 29 in order to be enrolled in the acceleration process.  (Students must be logged in to their NA Google account to access this form).

    Please use the links on the left to find packets regarding Biology and Chemistry acceleration, including specific information, guidelines, and content.  The following is a brief summary of the acceleration process. 

    1. Students must get a B in a pre-approved CCAC (or other institution) course and be able to provide a transcript from CCAC (or their institution).  The approved courses at CCAC are BIO 110 or BIO 151 (see Biology Acceleration packet for more details) and CHEM 109 or CHEM 151 (see Chemistry Acceleration packet for more details).  These courses may be hybrid, but can include no more than 50% online instruction.  All enrollment deadlines, requirements, paperwork, entrance exams, and course materials are the responsibility of the student/CCAC.  It is the student’s responsibility to determine if they meet CCAC’s pre-requisites for the above courses, as CCAC maintains their own pre-requisites as an institution.
    2. At the conclusion of the summer, students must score 80% or better on the North Allegheny acceleration exam that is based on the curriculum of the science course they are attempting to accelerate at North Allegheny.  The details of this exam (format, time, date, etc.) will be shared by email with students early in the summer.  As soon as details are available, they will be communicated with the students who are enrolled in the process and have filled out the NA online acceleration form linked above.
    3. All students who wish to accelerate must fill out the NA online acceleration form by April 29.  This form should be filled out after students have completed their CCAC registration.  All students planning to accelerate must fill out this form to notify NASD of their desire to accelerate, in addition to any paperwork that was required for the CCAC registration process.


    If a student is aware of and understands the above information and they still plan to attempt acceleration, they should carefully read the detailed acceleration information for their course, register at CCAC, and fill out the NASD acceleration form prior to April 29.  The information in this form will be used to communicate with students over the summer and to be sure that their schedule is built correctly for the start of the school year.

    There will be informational meetings and the opportunity for Q&A at the schools during the following times (announcements about locations will occur at each school prior to the meeting dates):
    NAI - 2/15 & 2/16 during homeroom
    CMS - 2/15 during activity period
    IMS - 2/16 during activity period
    MMS - 2/22 during activity period

    Any further questions about this process should be directed to:

    Mr. Chris Omasits, Science Department Chair or Mrs. Richelle Gibson, NAI Science Department Liaison