• 10 Ways to help your 2nd Grader

    Improve their Math Skills!

    1. Ensure they understand the mathematical concepts

    If your child is having any trouble mastering a concept have them work it out with manipulatives. Otherwise, math just becomes a meaningless exercise of memorizing rules rather than truly understanding concepts.

    2. Encourage them to master their basic facts

    Mastery means that your child can answer basic (+, -) facts in three seconds or less.  Frequent practice with games, flash cards, drill sheets will help them improve their basic fact skills.

    3. Have them practice writing their numbers neatly

    Mathematical errors typically occur due to sloppy number writing or not lining numbers up correctly. 

    4. Remind them of the correct way to complete their math homework

    The purpose of homework is to ensure comprehension of the material covered.  First have your child look at the examples provided prior to starting their assignment.

    5. Ensure they are learning and using their math vocabulary correctly

    Periodically check that your child is able to use their math vocabulary. Words that they need to master they can write on note cards and play Concentration or Go Fish.

    6. Encourage them to do math in their head "Mental Math"

    Help your child understand that if  5 + 3 = 8, then they can solve 50 + 30 = 80

    7. Explain how to solve word problems

    Remind your child that first they must understand what they are being asked to solve.  This may mean that they have to read the problem more than once. Then have them solve the problem by either creating a chart or drawing a picture to help them figure out what type of operation should be used to solve the word problem.

    8. Encourage them to do more than the assigned work

    In order to prepare for a test they can redo homework or complete the even if only the odd were assigned.

    9. Make math a part of their daily lives

    Children will find math more meaningful when they see how important it is in real life situations.  For example, have them pay for items, double recipes, help build things around the house...

    10. Have fun!!!

Last Modified on July 14, 2015