Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has expanded to cover all uninsured kids and teens in Pennsylvania. Now, no family makes too much money to qualify for CHIP.

    If you need health insurance, it's worth looking into CHIP. In fact, your kids may be able to continue visiting the same doctors! Coverage is available for doctor's visits, immunizations, emergency care, prescriptions, dental, and eye care.

    For more information, visit CHIP or call 1-800-986-KIDS.

    Make sure your address is up to date with the state so you receive your renewal letter in the mail.

    Do you or your child have health insurance through Pennsylvania's Medicaid or Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)?  If so, here's what you need to know. Be on the lookout for a renewal letter in the mail from Pennsylvania's Medicaid office or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  To ensure you receive this critical piece of mail, make sure your address, email, and phone number are up to date. The renewal letter will tell you one of three things:

    • Pennsylvania is renewing your Medicaid or CHIP coverage, or
    • Pennsylvania is ending your Medicaid or CHIP coverage, or
    • The state needs more information to determine if you or your family member still qualify for Medicaid or CHIP.  If so, a renewal form will be included. Remember to update your address, so you do not miss the important piece of mail.

    To update your contact information or get questions answered about your Medicaid/CHIP coverage, visit Medicaid.gov/renewals or CHIP, or by calling 1-800-986-KIDS.

    No longer qualify for Medicaid or CHIP and need help enrolling in the Marketplace?  You can find free, unbiased help with the following resources:


    March, 2023



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