• Go Math! Resources

    NASD’s new Mathematics Curriculum emphasizes critical areas and depth of understanding through interactive lessons, research based instructional approaches, and differentiated instructional resources to ensure the success of all students. This inquiry-based curriculum creates an environment where students solve problems in multiple ways and collaborate to share their learning with others. The Pennsylvania Core Standards serve as the foundation and help guide our students and teachers through a rigorous program toward a pathway for success. The adopted GO Math! textbook series utilizes consumable workbooks, which allow students to record, represent, solve problems, and explain their thinking and reasoning as they discover and build new understandings of mathematical concepts. The GO Math! series also includes a variety of online resources for teachers, students, and parents, including online access to the student workbooks, animated math videos, and virtual manipulative's.

    This webpage contains video tutorials to provide an overview of the curriculum and methodology. Links are included to facilitate accessing the GO Math! online resources in order to practice mathematical concepts and skills at home.

    Have a great school year!

  • NASD Go Math! Overview

    This video explains the eight mathematical practices and takes a family through solving an actual math problem.

  • NASD Go Math! Inquiry

    This video explores the five strands of mathematical proficiency and the impact of inquiry-based instruction.

  • Online Resources

    There are many GO Math! online resources available to families on the ThinkCentral website; ThinkCentral must be accessed through the TigerID portal (login.northallegheny.org).

    The preferred browsers for accessing the GO Math! online resources are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge will not provide optimal viewing.

    Below are tutorials of GO Math! Online Resources.

    Student Edition eBook

    This tutorial is an overview of the GO Math! Student Edition eBook, an online version of the textbook.

  • GO Math! Animated Math Models

    This tutorial is an overview of the GO Math! Animated Math Models. These are interactive, tiered practice for students that include four components: Learn the Math, Do the Math, Independent Practice, and Quiz.

  • GO Math! Interactive Student Edition

    This tutorial provides instructions on using the GO Math! Interactive Student Edition. This is an interactive version of each lesson found in the student textbook. This is a great resources to review a lesson that has already been covered in class.

  • GO Math! Math on the Spot

    This tutorial provides instruction on using the GO Math! Math on the Spot resource. There are video for each lesson in the textbook. These videos are a great resource for student to use while completing homework, or reviewing math concepts and skills.

  • GO Math! eGlossary

    The GO Math! eGlossary is a great resource to review the vocabulary from the GO Math! textbook series. The glossary contains all of the vocabulary covered in the textbook for grades K-6.

  • HMH Player App on an iPad

    This video will provide an overview of the HMH Player app which will allow the videos in the GO Math! Interactive Student Edition to be viewed on an iPad.