Through a variety of resources, North Allegheny students explore post-high school opportunities and careers. Introducing the elementary career portfolio, utilizing the Career Standards for Career Exploration and Work, exposing students to Naviance Student, providing an interest inventory in 9th grade and the PreACT test in grade 10, counselors and teachers guide students through the maze of examining potential career interests. North Allegheny provides a wide variety of content via all curricular areas in order to assist students in identifying potential career interests.

    The PreACT test, a practice ACT test, provides students with an early indication of how their educational progress relates to their post-high school educational and career plans. The benefits of PreACT include:

    • Encourages thinking and planning for life after high school
    • Assesses status of academic preparation for college
    • Supports meaningful course selection for grades 11 and 12
    • Relates personal characteristics to educational and career options
    • The Career Clusters document summarizes some majors and career opportunities that fall under each career cluster. It also outlines which North Allegheny School District elective courses are recommended for students interested in a particular career cluster.

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