• Distinguished Achievement Awards

    The Board of School Directors honors students and employees who have achieved state and national level recognition by presenting them with Distinguished Achievement Awards (DAA's). DAA's are presented at special ceremonies held immediately prior to regularly scheduled Board meetings. Parents of the awardees along with school principals and the nominating teachers, coaches, and/or sponsors are also invited to attend.

    Criteria for Distinguished Achievement Awards (DAAs)

    • Must be school-related (school-sponsored or school-authorized)
    • State awards in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place are recognized
    • Multi-state or national awards in 1st - 10th place are recognized
    • International awards are reviewed on a case-by-case basis for range of recognition
    • The recipient must be a North Allegheny student or staff member
    • Nominations must be made by a North Allegheny staff member

    Please be prepared to provide detailed information about the award or the organization, such as a letter of acceptance, sample press release from the sponsoring entity, any other written information available about the contest or award if needed.

    Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis by the 5th of each month. To nominate a student or staff member for a DAA, please complete this form. Nominations must be made by a North Allegheny staff member.

    For the 2021-2022 school year, DAAs will be presented on the following dates:

    • October 27, 2021
    • December 8, 2021
    • January 26, 2022
    • February 23, 2022
    • March 23, 2022
    • April 27, 2022
    • May 11, 2022
    • June 15, 2022