• Health & Physical Education

  • Our Mission

    The Mission of the North Allegheny Health and Physical Education (HPE) Department is to empower the community to apply the skills and knowledge that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

    4 Pillars

    • Physical Fitness
    • Nutrition
    • Health and Physical Literacy
    • Social and Emotional Health
  • Health and Physical Education Department Philosophy

    The Health and Physical Education Department is committed to delivering a sequential, standards-based K-12 curriculum unified by four pillars of instruction: Health and Physical Literacy, Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Social and Emotional Health. Emphasis is placed on health literacy and the application of movement concepts, while providing instruction on the importance of being physically active. Activities will be incorporated into lessons that maximize student engagement and allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of fitness principles. Wellness is woven throughout the curricula to provide students with information and experiences necessary to make independent choices that positively affect their health and well-being. Students experience a learning environment that is inclusive, respectful, safe, and equitable while embracing uniqueness and diversity. The curriculum will inspire students to cultivate positive attitudes towards a lifetime of physical activity and wellness.