• The Hillman Academy provides authentic and mentored research and academic development experiences to a diverse group of high school students. The program is full-time over a 7-8 week span in the summer, with options for students in our YES subprogram to work asynchronously through the school year.  

    Students work in individual faculty members’ labs on a research project with the faculty member or their grad or postdoc students. We accept about 60-70 students a summer. The program is free to all local students. We also incentivize students from underrepresented groups with a compensation of $2400 for the summer. We encourage applications from all interested students at least 15 years old, especially those from diverse backgrounds interested in STEM, biomedicine, and/or research. Further, we are happy to make virtual or in-person visits to schools to discuss this opportunity or general cancer research. 

    You can find more information about the program: 

    Website:                           https://hillmanacademy.upmc.com/ 


    Application:                     https://hillmanacademy.smapply.io/ 

    Informational Video:     https://youtu.be/Sw6RrEuX3ls 

    Flyer:                                 Digital Flyer 

    ASL Promotional Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1TL1lyUt2w 

    Guide to help students write their Hillman Essays: https://pittsburghprep.com/hillman-cancer-center-essays/