• College Application Procedures for Seniors

    Step by Step Checklist for College Applications

    Please click here for the checklist.

    Online Transcript Release Form

    The first step in the Senior Steps for Application Process is to complete the Transcript Release Form. Seniors and parents must review the student transcript in Tyler (under Documents) for accuracy then complete this form. Please note that by submitting this form you agree to all statements on the form, you have reviewed your transcript and it is correct, and you give counselors permission to send your transcript to colleges, coaches, and scholarships. Seniors only have to do this once.

    College Letter of Recommendation Requirements

    Students are responsible for knowing their colleges' letter of recommendation requirements. This information can be found on the application for each college.

    Video to Help Request Letters of Recommendation

    View a video to help seniors request teacher letters of recommendation in Naviance. Please note there is nowhere to request counselor letters of recommendation. You must email a completed Counselor Letter of Recommendation form to your counselor at least 2 weeks before your deadline for any schools requiring a counselor letter.

    Counselor Letter of Recommendation Form for Colleges

    If you will need a letter of recommendation from your school counselor, you must let your counselor know and complete this attached form. It is an excellent idea for you to get to know your NASH school counselor. Schedule an appointment to talk about your experiences, interests, and talents. You will have to complete a College Recommendation Form before your school counselor is able to complete your letter of recommendation. PLEASE NOTE - THIS FORM IS FOR YOUR COUNSELOR LETTER ONLY. IF YOU NEED A TEACHER LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION, PLEASE COMPLETE A TEACHER LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FORM. You can open and complete the counselor form here. Fill it out online, save it, and email it to your school counselor as an attachment.

     Please click here to complete the counselor letter of recommendation form.

    Teacher Letter of Recommendation Form for Colleges

    Oftentimes, colleges require letters of recommendation from your teachers. We encourage you to ask teachers who can write positively about you as a student. Choose teachers who can speak to your work ethic, leadership, and level of respect shown in class. If you have already asked your teachers to write you a letter and they have asked you to complete a Teacher Letter of Recommendation Form, please click here to access the form. Fill it out online, save it, and email it to your teacher as an attachment. You will need to fill out one form for each teacher.

    FAQs About Common Application

    Please click here to get answers to frequently asked questions about completing the Common Application.