• Work Permits

    To obtain a work permit, follow these steps.

    1. Work permits are processed by appointment only at NASH. To schedule an appointment, email Mary Anne Foglio at mfoglio@northallegheny.org. In order to schedule an appointment, please provide the following information about your student in the email.
      1. Name
      2. Complete Home Address
      3. Date of Birth
      4. City and State of Birth
      5. Hair Color
      6. Eye Color
    2. Parent or Guardian must bring one of the following to the appointment:
      • Student’s Birth Certificate OR
      • Student’s Passport OR
      • Student’s Driver’s License or Permit
    3. When arriving at NASH for your appointment, park in the lot in FRONT of the main entrance. Enter through the main set of doors at the front of the building (on the right side of the benches) with the posted entrance signs and proceed to the main office.
    4. Only the parent or guardian needs to come to the appointment. The student does not need to be there.