• University of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy

    Who: Academically talented high school students who are current sophomores or juniors at the time of the application deadline may apply. Applicants are asked to demonstrate academic achievement, especially in the sciences, and interest or potential in health care, and a record of leadership and service activities.

    Cost & Commitment: Tuition, room, board, instructional materials, and curriculum-related social activities are included in the program fee. Expenses for dorm group activities are not included. Families are responsible for students’ transportation to and from the program, money for personal needs, for any library fines, and for damages to the dorm or facilities. Students are expected to live on campus (Pitt) for the full four weeks of the program. They are expected to arrive promptly for all classes and program activities. The Health Career Scholars Academy cannot provide special facilities or alter schedules for formal athletic training, intensive music study, or other commitments unrelated to the program.

    The UPHCSA Student Selection Process: The application has four parts. The application completes the Personal Data Form, attaching essays. A science teacher and another teacher/activities advisor complete reference forms. The applicant’s School Counselor completes a recommendation form and attaches the transcript, attendance record and, if available, class standing and test scores.

    You MUST meet with your counselor at least two weeks prior to the deadline to provide the completed counselor letter of recommendation form and discuss your application process.

    Application and further information are available on the website: www.hcsa.pitt.edu.