Each of you needs to take care of the following forms at the beginning of the season. People who turn in information late will be admitted to the team only if there is space in an event.  Returning members who do not take part in the beginning of the year task cannot compete during the current school year.

    • Information 2022-2023—ALL STUDENTS SHOULD FILL IN THIS FORM!!! (This form is long and gets every bit of information that the coaches may need this year! A parent/guardian should be available to help students enter information about health—but parents, please let your kids fill this in!)
    • Dues for 2022-2023—$500 if your parents are not judging/working at our tournament. $250 if a parent is going to work for the team (Checks made out to NASH).  See this document for information about buying out of judging/volunteering. We have fundraising opportunities, so don't let this cost keep you from joining. 
    • The school has an activities fee in addition to our dues—Visit the participation fees page for the link to the activity fee information letter. Note: The $25 Activity Fee can be paid online, or it needs to be a check made out to either NAI (if you are in 9th or 10th grade) or NASH (if you are in 11th or 12th grade).  These should be mailed to the same building that you used to write the check. Do not hand deliver these!
    • Constitution and Contract [This needs to be updated—please be patient]—The signed last page only—due as a picture file or pdf to this year's treasurer by 9/28.  Use email vkomaragiri@nastudents.org 

    Essay information—see the info/deadlines here. This is ONLY for people returning to the team.


    Read a description of categories   To see two of our kids in the final round of nationals in duo interp (acting) 

    Who does what on the day of a tournament

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