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    The news that we had about Cooper -
    From his mom via social media on December 9, 2015 - 

    I guess it's time to share some news we've been uncertain about sharingbeyond the few that already know. Unfortunately Cooper's cancer has returned and it is also in his spine as well as brain. No treatment at this point will benefit him and we are entering the beginning of the end of his journey. We were given a time frame of 3 months at best, and should prepare to see declining and more symptoms later in the month. He's not in any pain and will remain pain free. We have answered all the questions we are able to answer. The only thing left to do is love him and continue to make memories while he's happy and active. 13 surgeries, 18 months of chemo and 3 stem cell transplants and he's been a fighter through it all. Now we are just preparing for our last holiday season with our sweet, free spirited and oh so loved Cooper.

    #WhyWeTHON #PrayForCooper

    Cooper's Family

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