• National Tournament* Information

    This page is used by the officers to get information about these tournaments to the team.

    Take note - Please do not email Volpe about these tournaments. Contact the students who are arranging them if you have a question.

    If you are missing school to go to these tournaments, make sure to fill out vacation forms. These are not school-sanctioned events.

    The school does not cover the costs of these tournaments in any way.

    The officers / organizers set any rules for these tournaments.

    See the constitution regarding rules for these tournaments. If you do CHOOSE to use the North Allegheny name while attending these tournaments (not all national tournaments require you to do so), and you blatantly violate school rules or act in a way not acceptable to North Allegheny expectations, you may be removed from the team or experience other (school and / or team) consequences simply because you have CHOSEN to represent North Allegheny.

    Any students can arrange any national-level tournament plans - but if there is a larger planning contingency (the officers), they should take precedence.

    *For all national-level tournaments occurring during the regular season. Volpe does organize CFLs (if we attend) during Memorial Day weekend and the NSDA Tournament in June.


    The information from this point forward is directly from the officers -


    2016 Rules for National Tournaments Established by Officers