• Speech & Debate Beginning of the Year Essay

    This is for students who have been on the team - even just for a few days / a single tournament in past years.

    The topic is "Resolved: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an effective model for international competition." You can take either side. The essay must be at least 1600 words.

    Note – too many people have been tagged in Blackboard / Turnitin for plagiarizing. Don’t put the coaches in the awkward position where they have to turn you in for disciplinary action for plagiarizing something with the speech and debate team!!! If you use more than a FEW lines – even if you give the source credit – it’s unethical.

    You must submit the essay to Blackboard AND a hard copy must be on my desk.

    Deadline for submitting your essay to Blackboard for cheating checks – 9/25 at 11:59 pm. If you try to submit your work at midnight, it will not be accepted. If you develop a computer problem at 11:58, it's your problem. Don't wait till the last moment!!! Watch this video to help you understand submitting your essay.

    Here is a topic primer. This does not mean that you should copy or only use this information.

    Deadline to have the hard copy turned in is 9/26 at 3 pm.

    Follow rules for formatting on www.ippfdebate.com (See MLA format and Format and Judging).

    Note that we are signed up to have two or three teams take part in this competition. Don’t make any plans for the finals weekend because if you quality, you must be in NYC with the team. If you are not an officer and you would like to form your own team (we can have more than two), let the person leading the essay for the year know who you want on your team and they will register you.

    In Blackboard – the assignment will be posted (it is not there yet)


    Browse Organizational Catalog

    Type in Speech

    Click on “Go.”

    Click to the right of speech and debate and choose “enroll.”

    The enrollment code that I can’t find in BB and I have no memory of making is sd2016

    Now – you all know how to go into your calendar. You’ll see the assignment. Bam!

    Important dates will be on the calendar on Google as soon as we know them.