• Scholastic Book Fair – Fall 2022

    The Fall Scholastic Book Fair was filled with lots of great books.  Thanks to all of you, it was a big success!  Our profit was over $1850 in cash and we took over $700 in new books, many of which went to our classroom teachers, and the rest to the library collection.


    The winner of the Family Night Raffle was Jake in 2C.  He and Mrs. Tarchick won $15 in free books from the Book Fair.  Several students also won a free poster.  Thanks to everyone who braved the cold, snowy weather on Family Night – it was great to see you all!


    The profits will be used to purchase new books and supplies for the library, and technological equipment for school use.  This money is also used to fund school-wide reading-based programs. 


    Big thanks to the following parent volunteers who so generously gave their time:


    Julie Bangay

    Lindsay Buchanan

    Renee Caromano

    Briana Dixon-Kale

    Ashley Ferenczy

    Erin Froehlich

    Sarah King

    Deanna Kucler

    Lindsay Macken

    Rebecca Mayton

    Meghan Sevel

    Hannah Shullenberger

    Christine Smerker

    Vlora Snyder

    Erin Swoger

    Lori Vargas


    Special thanks to the BWE Staff Members who worked so hard helping with Setup, Cleanup and working at our Family Night. 


    The Spring Book Fair is scheduled for March 2023.  Look for more information to be available as the date comes closer.


    If you missed your chance to shop, please be aware that the online Book Fair will be open until November 27th - you can shop using this link:  https://www.scholastic.com/bf/bradfordwoodselementarysch. All online orders benefit the school and will be shipped directly to your home.


    Some students placed orders for out-of-stock items – those will be delivered to classrooms as soon as they arrive, hopefully before Thanksgiving Break, but if not, shortly after. 


    Thank you all for your patronage and your generosity!! Please reach out if you have any questions.


    Mimi Flaherty, BWE Librarian