• Scholastic Book Fair – Fall 2021

    The Fall Scholastic Book Fair was filled with lots of great books.  Thanks to all of you, it was a big success, despite not being able to have a Family Night. Our profit was over $1600 in cash and we received over $500 in new books, many of which went to our classroom teachers because we were not able to offer the Teacher Wish List program this year.

    The profits will be used to purchase new books and supplies for the library, and technology equipment for school use.  This money is also used to fund school-wide reading-based programs. 

    Special thanks to the BWE Staff Members who worked so hard helping with Setup, Cleanup and stopping in to help during our hectic shopping times.  We really missed our parent volunteers!

    The Spring Book Fair is scheduled for March 2022.  Look for more information to be available as the date comes closer.

    Some students placed orders for out-of-stock items – those will be delivered to classrooms as soon as they arrive, hopefully before Thanksgiving Break. 

    Thank you all for your patronage and your generosity!! 


    Mimi Flaherty, BWE Librarian