• Celebration Book Club

    McKnight's Celebration Book Club allows parents, grandparents, or friends to donate a book to our library in honor of a special person in their life.  You can donate a book to recognize any memorable event such as a birthday, holiday, tradition, award recognition, extracurricular achievement, or in memory of a loved one.

    How do I participate?

    1. Access the Amazon Wish List: McKnight Celebration Book Club
    2. Help your child select a book from the list.

    How do I order?

    Order through Amazon

    • Select: This Item is a Gift.
    • Select: Gift Registry Address (this will ship the book directly to McKnight).
    • When prompted to enter a free personalized gift message, please add your student's name, homeroom, birthday, and the name of the person(s) who is donating the book.
    • Complete the Celebration Book Club form. Since w have received books from Amazon that did not include the gift message, this will ensure a timely delivery of the book to your child.

    Purchase the book at the location of your choice

    What Happens Next?

    After the book arrives at McKnight Library:

    • It will be processed and a Celebration Book Club bookplate will be affixed to inside of the front cover.
    • Your student will be the first to borrow and read this new library book.

    Please contact Ms. Falkner (kfalkner@northallegheny.org), Ms. Mautino (dmautino@northallegheny.org), or Mrs. Thieret (athieret@northallegheny.org) if you would like to purchase a book that is not on this list or if you have any questions!