• Freshman Checklist


    • Attend the Activities Fair.
    • Get involved in extra-curricular activities.
    • See your counselor and review your current academic and elective choices.
    • Review the Naviance Program with your counselor and parents. Check out college entrance requirements.
    • Start developing a resume by keeping a scrapbook of your accomplishments including articles about yourself, awards that you have won, and activities in which you have participated.
    • Attend the North Pittsburgh College Fair in October at LaRoche College.


    • Meet with your counselor to review grades and second semester schedule.
    • Use Naviance to research careers and colleges.


    • Research colleges and college entrance requirements.
    • Make a list of possible schools.
    • Visit your counselor and ask to review your grades.
    • Attend second semester sports assemblies and activities meeting. Get involved!
    • Look into volunteer opportunities that will expand your interests and skills. Check the volunteer board outside of the counseling office.


    • Plan courses for 10th Grade.
    • Check admissions requirements against course selection.
    • Use Naviance to search for admissions information.
    • Visit your counselor and ask for SAT/ACT Prep information.


    • Check reverse verifications for 10th grade courses.
    • Ask a counselor for summer program information.
    • Begin to explore SAT/ACT prep programs.


    • Continue to prepare for SAT/ACT college entrance exams.