• Student Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures

    Daily AM Student Drop Off and PM Pick Up procedures for NAI

    With the safety of our students as a top priority, it is important that we reiterate our AM drop off and PM pick up procedures. To ensure that our process is both efficient and safe for all, please review the following reminders:

    AM Dropoff: 6:45-7:15

    PM Pickup: 1:50-2:30

    Parents are reminded to use the proper procedures for dropping and picking up their students at school. Drivers are to enter the McKnight Elementary School entrance and proceed to one of the three designated lanes drop off lanes.  They are to loop around and exit near McKnight or take the first lane and exit directly to Cumberland Road.  Parents are reminded not to drop off or pick up their students off on Cumberland Road and adhere to the 5 mph speed limit while in the parking lot.  In addition, no 9th/10th grade students are permitted to drive to school. This includes parking off site and walking to NAI. 

    As always, district transportation is provided for all North Allegheny Students. If you need information about your child’s bus route or have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the NAI Main Office: 412-369-5530.

    Drop off/Pick up Map