• CMS Library Policies & Procedures

    Library Use

    • Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (morning availability may vary due to staff meetings in the library)
    • Students will need a pass to visit the library during the school day
    • Reasons for individual visits: book circulation, research, AR tests, projects, etc.

    Student Responsibilities

    • Handle library materials (books, computers, iPads, etc.) properly and with care
    • Return materials on time
    • Pay for lost or damaged materials
      • Cash or check made payable to Carson Middle School Library
      • You will receive a refund if an item you paid for is returned within 30 days of payment
    • Show respect for other students and staff
    • Be productive while visiting the library

    Student Circulation Policies

    • Maximum number of checkouts: 3
    • Check out period: 2 weeks
    • Renewal Policy: 2 renewals granted if the item has not been placed on hold

    Overdue Policy

    • At the end of each nine weeks, overdue notices will be distributed to students
    • If a student receives three overdue notices and does not return or pay for the item, a detention will be issued
    • Students may check the status of their library accounts at any time by logging in to the library catalog (Destiny) via TigerID

    Grading Procedures

    • Grades given by Ms. McNeill, the librarian, will be incorporated into the student’s grade for the corresponding class
      • For example, if a 6th-grade reading teacher brings in her students for a lesson on databases with Ms. McNeill, any work graded by Ms. McNeill will be included in the student’s reading grade
    • Assignments and quizzes will be listed on Blackboard

    Missed Work

    • It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT to ask about missed work and arrange a time to come to the library to meet with Ms. McNeill

    Please see or contact Ms. McNeill (pmcneill@northallegheny.org) if you have any questions. Happy reading!