• World
    Chairperson: Marcie Good
    Building: NASH
    Phone: (724) 934-7273
    We at North Allegheny believe that a World Language Program should foster and support the students' recognition of the world as a global society comprised of diverse languages and cultures. North Allegheny also responds to the very practical need of its students to be prepared for higher learning at the college/university level and beyond. Therefore, a successful World Language Program will enable students to develop self-awareness and insight into cultural differences while acquiring the necessary skills to communicate in a language other than their own.

    The following are important components of an effective and successful program:

    Communication: comprehending what is read and heard and being understood
    when one speaks and writes

    Culture: appreciating the culture of the people who speak the language today and of
    those who spoke the language in the past

    Connections: acquiring and reinforcing knowledge of other disciplines through study of
    the target language

    Comparisons: relating the study of the target language to the student's own language and

    Communities: cultivating responsible and productive citizens of the world

    Critical Thinking: developing the ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information