• Facilities Department


    Management of North Allegheny's facilities is a very extensive responsibility. The array of buildings, equipment, and grounds is spread across the entire school district at nine primary locations up to twelve miles apart. The maintenance and repair effort is centered at the Cumberland Campus. The Facilities Department office is located in the Facilities/Transportation Building at 400 Hillvue Lane.

    To handle the tasks described above, the department has 87 NASD employees. These are organized into two primary groups: custodians and maintenance personnel, with 69 and 18 team members in each group, respectively. The custodial group is made up of 36 regular custodians and 33 utility custodian team members. The maintenance department consists of 13 regular maintenance staff and 5 utility maintenance team members.

    The regular custodians and utility custodians are led by the Manager of Custodial Services. The maintenance personnel are led by Mr. Ronald Postreich, the Manager of Maintenance Services. Two full time paraprofessionals are the Facilities Department secretaries. The department is managed by Mr. Robert Hetzel, Assistant Director of Facilities. Projects and infrastructure work is coordinated through the Facilities Department by Mr. William Kirk, Assistant Director of Project Management and Infrastrure.  Mr. Roger Sechler, Director of Business Operations provides oversight and direction to the Facilities Department as a whole.


    Physical plans maintained by the Facilities Department are:

    • 12 school buildings
    • One transportation center
    • One athletic field house
    • Approximately 1,800,000 interior square feet
    • A 7,500 seat, lighted stadium with track and artificial turf
    • A 200,000 gallon competition swimming pool
    • 23 athletic playing fields
    • Two competition tracks
    • 19 tennis courts
    • 395 acres of total District property managed
    • Maintained grounds totaling approximately 100 acres
    • Three remote sites totaling approximately 70 acres
    • 31 heating boilers
    • 35 rooftop HVAC units at North Allegheny Senior High
    • 23 chillers
    • 23.5 acres of roofs
    • 7.5 miles of roads
    • Over 15 acres of paved parking lots
    • Approximately 8,000 work orders per year

    In addition to cleaning and maintenance, the Facilities Department also provides the following District-wide services and/or leadership.

    • Rental management
    • Approximately 2,600 building permits per year
    • Health and Safety Committee
    • Environmental safety and health coordination
    • Building, playground, and athletic facilities safety and maintenance inspections
    • Hazardous material control
    • Asbestos abatement
    • Security coordination
    • ADA survey and compliance
    • Furniture and equipment inventory management
    • Utilities coordination
    • Project management
    • Work order management and reporting
    • Financial control of approximately $3.9 million per year
    • Facilities capital budgeting
    • Construction monitoring and coordination
    • Facilities planning analysis and advice