• HES Principal

Mrs. Carla Hudson
Mrs. Carla Hudson
  • Welcome to Hosack Elementary School!

    Hosack is one of the smaller elementary schools in the District, but just because we are small, it does not mean we do not have a mighty roar. Hosack Elementary takes pride in creating an inclusive, motivating, and positive school environment. The teachers and staff work to ensure that all of our students have the ability to grow in all directions, develop a desire to become a lifelong learner, all while creating relationships that are built upon appreciating and caring for others while striving for their personal best.

    Hosack’s building floor plan is a simple circle that is centered around the arts and library. There is something for everyone at Hosack and it is a place where everyone belongs. Everything that we do is built upon creating strong relationships with students and families. We work to build a collaborative and positive relationship with our families and communities to ensure that our students have everything they need to be as successful as possible while providing unique and fun opportunities. 

    We have learned how mighty our roars can be and how they can ensure that Hosack is a place where students want to learn. R.O.A.R.S. stands for Respect, Ownership, Act safely, Responsible choices, Show kindness. This simple acronym helps to remind us how powerful our roars can be with our actions and words. 

    We look forward to welcoming you to Hosack, a place where memories are made and where learning that shapes the future occurs. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to experience all the great things Hosack has to offer. We greatly value the input from our parents and community. We welcome you to our website and invite you to browse the news from our teachers, parents, and children. You will see that there is much happening and that Hosack is a place where everyone belongs and all of our students' roars are heard.

    Carla Hudson