• Title I at PES

    We are pleased to provide a Title I Communication Arts Support Program for selected students based upon multiple criteria focusing on a student's developing literacy. These instructional sessions will be held in the reading specialist’s classroom. Instruction will be provided in a small group setting that ensures a great deal of individual attention and success.

    Student instruction will be research-based and aligned with the classroom Communication Arts Program. Instruction will include the use of special materials including decodable text and manipulative letters for word building. Parent/guardian involvement is crucial to our Title I program. We encourage your support at home by reviewing the decodable text with your student to review sounds he/she has learned. In each reading specialist’s room, there is a lending library for use with the reading calendars. Other reading materials are also available for students to borrow.

    A student's progress will be monitored throughout the school year with assessments being completed in the fall, winter, and spring. Parents/guardians will be informed about their student's progress through a summary report and through conferences scheduled at least twice each year.

    If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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