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    Student 360

    Today’s family is always on the go, meaning that it’s not always possible for parents to access a laptop or desktop computer throughout their day. District staff are just as busy, and their job is not limited to just the office or classroom. Parents, guardians and district employees need to be able to access their students’ school information from their mobile device, and they need that information to be comprehensive, up to date and easy to understand.

    Tyler SIS offers a powerful mobile-capable portal for districts: Student 360. This solution offers two ways to access student information: via the Web on PCs or tablets, or on a smartphone application. Both versions feature comprehensive functionality, a touch-friendly interface and updated information that is clear and intuitive. With Student 360, parents, guardians and district staff can access student information, no matter where, no matter when.


    • Web-based access works equally on tablets and PCs
    • Mobile application available for iPhone and Android devices
    • Intuitive, modern interface
    • Dashboard shows important information at a glance
    • Displays comprehensive student data


    The Tyler SIS Student 360 portal provides access to the full spectrum of student information, including:

    • Announcements
    • Homework assignments
    • Incident reports
    • Immunization, medication and nurse visit records
    • Meal purchases and account balance
    • Real-time gradebook and report card grades
    • Online registration
    • And more!
    Student 360 dashboard


    Once launched, Student 360 provides key data in real time to authorized students, parents, guardians and district staff through an easy-to-read application. Daily attendance, meal account balance and discipline events are presented up front via up-to-date live tiles on the dashboard. This dashboard is customizable — tiles can be dragged to new positions, added or removed to create a personalized user experience.

    Inside the program, users are presented with organized screens which they can scan for at-a-glance information or open up for details. For example, the assignments page shows a list of the student’s classwork with date, assignment name and points scored. Opening up any assignment shows information such as the average score earned by all students in the class.

    Student 360 assignments page


    Built using the latest HTML5 technology, Student 360 is is flexible enough to be used with tablets as well as PCs. It can also be accessed via a mobile application on smartphones. The touch-friendly design makes it easy to navigate through the program with just the touch of a finger. Parents, guardians and staff will be able to check assignments, review discipline events or read district announcements from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    Student 360 mobile view