• North Allegheny Elementary

    Summer Reading Program

    Summer reading allows students to continue to learn over the summer, helps develop their social-emotional skills, and shows them the joy of reading and discovering. Students in grades K-4 are invited to participate in the North Allegheny Elementary Summer Reading Program.


    Guidelines for participation:

    • Choose activities from one of the Challenge Boards. You may choose either board. As you complete each challenge, color in or mark the square.
    • All students who complete 5 challenges in a row (either across, down, or diagonally) will receive a small prize.
    • All students who complete all the challenges will be entered into a raffle to win a special prize.
    • Choose books that you enjoy reading and that you are able to read. You may read your own books, including graphic novels, library books, eBooks, and magazines.
    • Books that someone else reads to you or books that you listen to also count.



    Remember to read for fun!

    To be eligible for prizes, please return the packet

    to Mrs. Smokovich by August 30, 2024


    Learn about Local Summer Reading programs HERE!


    Lost your Summer Reading Packet? Print another one at this link.


    Questions?  Reach out to Mrs. Smokovich, lsmokovich@northallegheny.org