• Anti-Bullying Policy
    Board Policy # 3585

    1.0) Regulations
    The North Allegheny School District is committed to providing all students and employees with the right to a safe and civil educational environment, free from harassment or bullying, in accordance with 22 Pa.Code § 12.3 (c). The District recognizes that bullying interferes with the learning process and may present an obstacle to the academic, vocational, and social/emotional development of students.
    2.0) Definition
    Bullying shall be defined as an intentional and unwelcome electronic (cyber), written, verbal, or physical act, or series of acts that has these characteristics:

    2.1) It is directed at another student or group of students.

    2.2) It is severe, persistent or pervasive.

    2.3) It has the effect of:

    2.3.1) Substantially interfering with a student's education;

    2.3.2) Substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school; or

    2.3.3) Creating a threatening environment.

    2.4) Occurs in a “school setting:” “School setting” shall mean in the school, on school grounds, in school vehicles, at a designated bus stop, or during any activity sponsored, supervised, or sanctioned by the school and/or District.

    2.5) The District reserves the right to investigate acts of bullying that occur outside the school setting if those acts meet the requirements of 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

    3.0) Procedures
    Students shall be directed to report bullying complaints to District employees, and the procedures for doing so will be explained to them. Employees are then responsible for following the Administrative Procedure #3585 pertaining to this Policy to address complaints received. The report will be forwarded to the building principal.

    4.0) Posting of Policy
    4.1) The Anti-Bullying Policy will be incorporated into the District's Code of Student Conduct.

    4.2) The Anti-Bullying Policy will be accessible on the District website and in every classroom.

    4.3) Each school in the North Allegheny School District shall post the Anti-Bullying Policy in a prominent location where such notices are usually posted.

    5.0) Review of Policy
    5.1) Each building level administrator will ensure that the Policy and procedures for reporting bullying incidents are reviewed with students within ninety (90) days after their adoption and thereafter at least once each school year.

    5.2) The North Allegheny School District will review this Policy every three (3) years.

    6.0 Reporting
    The North Allegheny School District will provide the Office of Safe Schools with a copy of its policy and its procedures for reporting bullying incidents, as well as a summary of bullying prevention, education, and intervention programs on an annual basis.