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    Chairperson: Teri Manway
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    Phone: 724-934-6060 ext. 6921
                    FCCLA WINNER!

    We are pleased to report that our student, Deitra Harnish, junior at NASH, placed first in the state in her event Fashion Construction at the Pennsylvania Family, Career and Community Leaders of America State Leadership Conference last week.  The conference was March 29-31 in Seven Springs.  There were over 400 students engaged in competition in a variety of events.  Her silver medal and top score qualifies her to compete on the Pennsylvania team at the national FCCLA conference this summer in Nashville, TN. 


    For this event Deitra created a design inspired by the country of Egypt.  She made a sketch and then created a full length skirt and blouse.  She had to keep an itemized log of expenses and time, as well as a material profile for each fabric she used.  Her work was closely examined by two evaluators, and she gave a presentation explaining each aspect of her project.  She began working on this project in the fall, and you can see her work on the runway at our upcoming fashion show “Around the World” this Saturday.    


    Please come to the Fashion Club fundraiser, a pop up boutique, this Thursday, 3/2 2017, at NASH in the FCS wing, from 1:30-7:00 PM.  You will be able to get into the building through door 17 (the FCS door).   Our pop up boutique will feature three LulaRoe Consultants (awesome leggings and clothing for women, men, and children) and the Magnolia on Main boutique bus, which sells clothing and home goods. A portion of the sales will be donated to support our Fashion show, which is on April 8th !  I know the LulaRoe consultants will accept all forms of payment, including credit/debit cards and we're assuming that the bus is the same. 

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    The Fashion Club will present their annual Fashion Show, “Around the World” on April 8, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the NASH Auditorium.  Tickets are $10.  All proceeds benefit Miss 22 Quties Special Needs Beauty Pageant. 

    2016 NEWS & EVENTS
     Check it out! The FCS Fashion Arts class created beautiful pillowcases as a community service project :)  PILLOWCASES FOR SMILES!pil
     Please join us for an evening of fashion!


    The North Allegheny Fashion Club will be presenting their annual Fashion Show on Saturday April 2, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the NASH auditorium The theme of this year’s show is The Great Gatsby and all proceeds from ticket sales will benefit The Miss 22 Quities Special Needs Beauty Pageant. This year’s show will feature 18 student designs modeled by members of our club. The show will also feature young ladies from Miss 22 Quties.  The young ladies will be performing their dance number from last year’s pageant and a couple of the girls will be modeling in our show! After the show, there will be a dessert themed after party for all to attend. Tickets will be sold at NAI and NASH a couple of weeks prior to the show and tickets will also be sold at the door the night of the event. Tickets will be $10 and all proceeds will go to Miss 22 Quties.


    NA Fashion Club is open to all students in grades 9-12. The club consists of students that are interested in modeling, designing, stage production, or just fashion in general. The club meets 1-2 Thursdays a month after school in the NASH FCS rooms.  The advisors of the club are Diane Senkoski (dsenkoski@northallegheny.org) and Elizabeth Gallagher (egallagher@northallegheny.org).  Feel free to email either one with any questions about the club or our upcoming Fashion Show on April 2, 2016.


    Please visit http://www.miss22quties.com/ for more information about this year’s charity.


    COMING SOON: NAI’s Senior Kitchen Workshop! Starting April 12th and continuing for the following five Thursdays, community members over the age of fifty are invited to join. Students and participants will collaborate to prepare meals aligned with this year’s theme of “Our Community”. Please contact Emily Clawson (eclawson@northallegheny.org) or Kathy Higginbotham (khigginbotham@northallegheny.org) if interested in joining. Participants need current clearances, please visit https://www.northallegheny.org/Page/22830 for details. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MORE PICTURES TAKEN LAST YEAR!

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    The Independent Living Class at NAI completed a group project using recycled jeans.  Each student completed a different step of the process while working together to complete the Recycled Jean Quilt! The class chose Mrs. Cindy Nolan, our food service manager at NAI to receive the quilt.  We appreciate her hard work preparing our food everyday!

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    This year, more than 125,000 people committed to preparing and eating a healthy meal together on December 3. Thank you to everyone who participated in and promoted Family & Consumer Sciences Day! We were thrilled to see an increase in commitments and activities this year. For those who participated, please watch for a survey in your inbox and be sure to take it so that we may capture all of the wonderful things that you did to celebrate Family & Consumer Sciences Day!



    The NA Family and Consumer Sciences Department  took an in-service day to tour Foods Fresh, a derivative company of Giant Eagle that specializes in pre-made foods to be sold at Market Districts, Giant Eagle, and Get Go.  Adorned in  white lab coats and hairnets, the teachers got an in-depth look at the processes to keep uniformity and consistency in product amongst the large batches needed for 100+  different stores.  Food safety and sanitation were discussed in detail as well as the involvement with the USDA.  In a question and answer format after the tour, upcoming trends in future ingredient use (buffalo chicken is here to stay) and an increase in  career opportunities within the food industry were discussed  in the logistical, manufacturing, safety, engineering, and culinary fields.  If students are looking to stay local, Giant Eagle offers an array of careers ranging from dieticians to engineering packaging for new products and offers better-than-average salaries, company benefits, and team members who are incredibly satisfied with their line of work.  This experience, and any that yields to more class discussion of genuine understanding of the foods industry, was truly rewarding.

    Well let me tell you how lucky YOU could get!
    YOU sign up for the FCS class "Adventures in Foods" at NAI and have Mrs. Slowik or Mrs Higgy(Higginbotham).  
    That makes you LUCKY right there! Then you have the amazing opportunity to participate in a 30 year old course tradition- the "Seniors Kitchen Workshop" going on each fall for 6 weeks. WHAT'S THAT YOU MIGHT ASK?
    Now you are LUCKY to find out! It will warm your heart to see what THAT is! Students welcome "seniors" (not high school seniors) from all over the community each Thursday morning at 9AM (I'm told that is way too early for some seniors, but not these LUCKY ones). These senior citizens can't wait for the program to start- they wouldn't dare miss a week. LEARNING, LAUGHS, AND HARD WORK IS SHARED BY ALL! AND SO IS AN AMAZING HOMEMADE LUNCH! The students learn from the seniors and the seniors learn from the students. Some in both groups may never have seen a garlic press, a meat mallet, or a raw piece of veal, but they have a deadline--- LUNCH! Each week there is a chosen theme- and this week it was "An International Cuisine: French Cooking". The recipes included: Veal Marsala, Rosemary Lemon Baked Chicken, Frisee and Grape Salad with Verjus and Blue Cheese, French Bread Loaves, and French Apple Pie with Cream Cheese Topping. Mouth watering yet??? Students prepared the dough for the many loaves of bread and baked them off the day before the big cook. They had done most of the planning and set up for the other menu items - and as the seniors arrived they were off and racing- like the Tour de France! We're not talking Rice Crispy Treats here folks- these are challenging recipes that require time, patience, and skill! The chefs- young and old- were hard at it! When everything was in the oven, the salad made- there was time for a 20 minute coffee break- unusual they told me- most of the time there are no breaks for 3 hours! When the tables were set and the hot food was on the line- you would think you were in a fine French restaurant- complete with a running "French food" DVD for added flavor. It smelled tres divine!  When you saw the tables filled with NAI student chefs and their senior comrades,  all enjoying the fruits of  their labor, you felt LUCKY to be a witness to this not so typical school day lesson. And so... I was today... LUCKY!-  Teri Manway October 30th 2014
    P.S.-  Dr. Gualtieri has been there twice...... doesn't that tell you something good is cooking in FCS? Check it out! 

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    The Family and Consumer Sciences Department takes a leadership role in strengthening individual, family, and community well-being. The Department believes in the importance of offering educational opportunities to all individuals that will enhance intellectual development and maximize overall potential. The Family and Consumer Sciences Department also believes education is a lifelong process and supports the necessary development of life skills essential to becoming confident and responsible citizens of the community. The philosophy of the Family and Consumer Sciences Department is to empower individuals, support families, and enable communities through education   and application. Family and Consumer Sciences strives to meet individual and family needs inside and outside the home, to foster respectful and caring relationships, and to emphasize the overall well-being of individuals in society. Instruction in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department focuses on the following major strands: Financial and Resource Management; Balancing Family, Work, and Community Responsibility; Food Science and Nutrition; and Child Development. Through these four strands, the core curriculum is derived and then developed for relevance to a student’s everyday life. Family and Consumer Sciences also helps students investigate and plan for possible careers, develop necessary skills for employment, improve financial literacy, utilize resource management skills, and enhance positive communication. Family and Consumer Sciences engage students in planning, preparing, and analyzing daily projects or issues, and stresses the importance of teamwork and leadership skills. It broadens the definition of individual wellness to include physical health, exercise, and proper nutrition. Courses also provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need to be prepared to take on adult roles and responsibilities in their own families, their communities, and their world. The Family and Consumer Sciences Department prepares students for multiple life roles and responsibilities in family, work, community, and the global society.