• Mrs. Eyerman's Parent Handbook
    The following information will help you understand procedures from 2A.

    Birthdays- We will be celebrating birthday and half birthdays for those who were born in the summer!! Although birthday party favors are not required, edible treats are not premitted at all.  If you need any help choosing appropriate non-edible treats, please contact me.  

    Communication- I can be contacted easily in a number of different ways:
    Phone 724-935-4044
    Email aeyerman@northallegheny.org
    or a note sent with your child.  My goal is to get back to you within 24 hours. 

    Conference- If you should have any questions or concerns, I would be willing to meet with you before or after school to discuss those questions or concerns.  Please call, email or drop me a note and I will schedule the conference with you promptly.

    Early Dismissal- If there will be a change in a student's regular dismissal, a note must be sent to school.  A child will not be permitted to change dismissal procedures without a note from the parent or guardian.

    Homework- Typically, the class will have a spelling assignment and math assignment nightly.  At times, the class will be reviewing previous lessons in reading and will not have a new spelling list or homework.  Homework is a continuation of a lesson learned in class.  It is not new content to be learned at home.  If your child has trouble completing a homework assignment, please stop them and write me a note explaining the problem.  I will help them understand the content better.

    Mystery Reader- All many spots for the Mystery Reader are always filled quickly.  If you forget the day you signed up for, contact me and I will help you with a date or check out my website.  Don't forget to bring 2-3 books from your home that are your child's favorites (no chapter books).  Arrive promptly so the children have enough time to enjoy you.  

     Reading- Each week, second grade has a new reading story.  With the story comes a spelling pattern, high frequency words (lesson 1-15), reading skills, a writing project and vocabulary words.   Weekly reading tests, skills tests, high frequency words for the the first half of the school year and robust vocabulary tests are to be expected weekly. 

    Spelling- The students in 2A will have a spelling pretest on the first day of the new lesson only to assess how well he/she knows the week's spelling weeks.  The post test will take place on the last day of the lesson.  This score will be recorded and will be calculated into the final report card grade. 

    Student Responsibilities- The students in 2A are responsible for proper behavior at Marshall Elementary and on the school bus, being organized, turning in all work on time, and being a good role model for other. 

    Thank you for all you do to make your child's day go smoothly.  I appreciate all of your efforts and look forward to working with you this year!


    If you have any further questions about procedures at MES, please check out the Student Book by clicking here.