• Ingomar Elementary Art


    The Art facilities at Ingomar Elementary encourage our learners to experience art in a safe environment with plenty of room to create.  The kiln room is safely located next door. Our art room is perfect for a curriculum rich in both two dimensional and three dimensional work.

    Every first through fifth grader receives 45 minutes of art instruction each week. Integrated Arts on Mondays provide an extra hour of instruction time which rotates among Art, Music and PE.  For those grade levels with 4 sections the rotation will include Library.  Kindergarten students receive 30 minutes of art instruction each week.

    Each year Ingomar Elementary has an Art/Curriculum Show one evening in the spring. This year Ingomar Elementary's Art Show theme is "Night Journey."  We are going to create and study art using the inspiration of night.  I'm hoping to incorporate phases of the moon, constellations, bedtime stories, noctornal animals - the list is endless!  Fifth graders will spend the first class period brainstorming the special projects they will want to pursue to embrace this year's theme which will culminate in the Art/Curriculum Show the evening of March 21st, 6-8 pm.



Last Modified on August 21, 2018