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First Name Last Name Email Address Primary Building
Terri Agie tagie@northallegheny.org Ingomar Elementary School
Nicole Alderdice nalderdice@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Amy Alexander aalexander@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Laurel Alexander lalexander@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Bruce Allen ballen@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Lisa Allen lallen@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Robyn Allen rallen@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Darla Allerton dallerton@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Andrews Amoh aamoh@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Karen Amoscato kamoscato@northallegheny.org Franklin Elementary School
Beth Anderson banderson@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Kristin Andreas kandreas@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Mark Anticole manticole@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Alicia Wiesemann aanton@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Lynn Antoon lantoon@northallegheny.org Peebles Elementary School
Heather Logan happleton@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Katherine Arbogast karbogast@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Lauren Armitage-Bosetti larmitage-bosetti@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Elizabeth Arvay earvay@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Michelle Atkinson matkinson@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Chelsea Attwood cattwood@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Matthew Babusci mbabusci@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Lila Backauskas mbackauskas@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Megan Bailey mbailey@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Susan Baker subaker@northallegheny.org Franklin Elementary School
Stephen Baldanzi sbaldanzi@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Elizabeth Banks ebanks@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Keith Banks kbanks@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Arlene Barbus abarbus@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Christie Barron cbarron@northallegheny.org Bradford Woods Elementary School
Amy Baschnagel asikora@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Shelby Bassinger sbassinger@northallegheny.org Bradford Woods Elementary School
Jayne Beatty jbeatty@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Melinda Beck mbeck@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Emily Begley ebegley@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Anne Beitler abeitler@northallegheny.org Ingomar Elementary School
Robert Bell rbell@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Tammy Bennis tbennis@northallegheny.org Peebles Elementary School
Angela Bergen abergen@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Racheal Berry rberry@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Megan Besterci mbesterci@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Michael Bielawski mbielawski@northallegheny.org Franklin Elementary School
Rhonda Bielawski rbielawski@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Bridgett Bilenski bbilenski@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Renae Birdsey rbirdsey@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Christie Biro cbiro@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Jacqueline Bishop jbishop@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
William Bishop wbishop@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Beth Block bblock@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Michael Bockoven mbockoven@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Kristiana Bohnenstengel kbohnenstengel@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Marci Bontempo mbontempo@northallegheny.org Bradford Woods Elementary School
Danielle Borkowski dborkowski@northallegheny.org Franklin Elementary School
Dean Boronyak dboronyak@northallegheny.org Ingomar Elementary School
Judith Bosack jbosack@northallegheny.org Peebles Elementary School
John Bova jbova@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Benjamin Bower bbower@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Kristen Bowie kbowie@northallegheny.org Peebles Elementary School
Kandis Boy kaboy@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Dana Boyd dboyd@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Aliceann Boyle aboyle@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Rebecca Bradley rbradley@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Kathy Bradshaw-Michael kmichael@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Elizabeth Brauer ebrauer@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Douglas Brinkley dbrinkley@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Gina Brown gbrown@northallegheny.org Peebles Elementary School
Christine Bruce cbruce@northallegheny.org Ingomar Elementary School
Josephine Brudnok jbrudnok@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Janice Brusoski jbrusoski@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Michael Buchert mbuchert@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Stephen Buches sbuches@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Michelle Buettner mbuettner@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Wayne Bugel wbugel@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Carly Bunce cbunce@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Kristen Burcham kburcham@northallegheny.org Hosack Elementary School
Colleen Burg cburg@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
William Burns wburns@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Kristan Buskey kbuskey@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Matthew Butler mbutler@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Terri Butler tbutler@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Robyn Byrnes rhassinger@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Amy Caloiero acaloiero@northallegheny.org Hosack Elementary School
Megan Cantella mcantella@northallegheny.org Bradford Woods Elementary School
Terry Carns tcarns@northallegheny.org Bradford Woods Elementary School
Michelle Carpenter mcarpenter@northallegheny.org Ingomar Elementary School
Natalie Carpenter ncarpenter@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Antonio Caruso acaruso@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Ryan Casciotti rcasciotti@northallegheny.org Franklin Elementary School
Nicholas Castle ncastle@northallegheny.org Hosack Elementary School
Melissa Castner mcastner@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Judith Catanzaro jcatanzaro@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Colleen Doherty ccavanaugh@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Jolene Cernicky jcernicky@northallegheny.org Peebles Elementary School
Nicole Cerqua ncerqua@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Valerie Chandler vchandler@northallegheny.org Hosack Elementary School
Jennifer Channel jchannel@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Marybeth Chester mchester@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Aron Christopher achristopher@northallegheny.org Bradford Woods Elementary School
Susan Ciccone sciccone@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Anthony Cima tocima@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School