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Friday, October 24, 2014
Guest Speaker Bryant Salter
Interested in a career in business?  Mr. Salter, President and CEO of Business Diplomacy Consulting and former U.S. Diplomat and NFL football player, will speak about his own experiences in how the world is becoming increasingly interconnected.  For example, in Pittsburgh along, more than 400 companies have global ties. He will also help students develop their own strategy for success by sharing his personal story: the path he took and the choices he made along the way that opened unexpected opportunities.
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Model Global Ebola Response  Coalition
Interested in understanding what goes on at an international level in regards to containing the Ebola epidemic? Students from around the world will represent members of the UN and partnering organizations that are part of the Global Ebola Response Coalition to understand and discuss the global response to the crisis. The World Affairs Council will be coordinating this simulation via teleconference.  To prepare, you should complete the following and look at this.  In this model, we will be representing the World Health Organization (WHO) with a focus on the Medical cluster. Please be sure to prepare in advance for this event and return your permission slip ASAP to the GOAL office.  On the day of the event, check in with your first period teacher and report to Library at 7:30 during 1st period and return to class for rest of 4th period.
At the AUI Calc-U-Solve Competition on October 9, 2014, our North Allegheny students and teams performed remarkably well.  North Allegheny had two teams that scored first and third place overall.  Wanlin Li, Suhye Park, Thomas Kim and Heya Lee were members of the first place team and Guna Mandava, Angela Liu Tina Li and Caroline Huang comprised the members of the third place team.  NA also had the top three individual winners overall at the competition. Wanlin Li placed third, Guna Mondava placed second and Suhye Park placed first.