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PHONE: 412-366-2100

  • Information Technology Contacts

    Help Desk - 412-369-5849

    Director of Technology and Innovation
    Richard Platts

    Coordinator of Academic Technology and Instructional Services
    Katherine Curran, Ph. D.

    Instructional Technology Technician
    Kathy Nicklas

    Systems Administrator
    Christopher Gariti

    Systems Administrator
    Eric Treater

    Apple Systems Administrator
    Pete Osan

    Supervisor, Network Systems
    Matt Over

    Network Control Technician

    Network Control Technician
    Jason Beatty

    Network Control Technician - NAI Student Help Desk
    Caitlin Scott

    Network Control Technician - NASH Student Help Desk
    Eric Cosmides

    Network Control Technician - NASH and NAI Student Help Desks
    John Wiles

    Network Control Technician
    Seth Spangler

    Lead Help Desk Analyst
    Jeff Phipps

    Help Desk Analyst
    Walt Roncevic

    Applications Manager
    Sean Flaherty

    Senior Business Systems Analyst
    Beth Baur

    Senior Business Systems Analyst
    Lori Partridge

    Business Systems Analyst
    Catherine Colalella