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Marshall Middle School's Utilization of Activity Periods

Marshall Middle School’s Utilization of Activity Periods

  • What is Activity Period?
    • Three days a week, Tuesday – Thursday, three minutes are subtracted from each period (excluding Lunch).  Those three minutes are then added together to create an addition period at the end of the day.  This period is known as “Activity Period”.
  • What happens during Activity Period?
    • During Activity Period each grade is assigned a “priority” on Tuesday and Wednesday.  This priority is either Music or Academic.  During Music Priority, the entire grade level goes to their music class (Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Gen. Music) and works on their concert selections.  During Academic Priority, students are given time to complete homework, talk with teachers regarding questions/concerns, or, in some situations, work in small groups with a teacher.  On Thursdays, Activity Period priority is Clubs/Activities.  This is a time for students to take part in a club.  Clubs are not grade specific and are open to all students.  If a student does not participate in a club, he/she is encouraged to work on academics in homeroom.
  • Does a student have to stay in the same club all year?
    • No, students are permitted to take part in as many clubs as they desire. 
  • What is the difference between “In school clubs” and “After school clubs”?
    • In school clubs are a part of the school day and happen every Thursday.  After school clubs are after school hours and require transportation (pick up).  Soon we will be sending a list of both in and out of school clubs.  We encourage all students to find something they are interested in.  
  • If I want more information regarding Activity Periods or clubs who should I contact?
  • Please reference the Activity Period Calendar for more information