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AM Student Drop Off /PM Pick-up procedure

AM Drop Off

A reminder to all parents/guardians who drop off their children in the AM.  Please use caution, abide by the speed limit, and give preference to the busses. 

Please contact Dan Swoger – Building Principal with questions/concerns.

Any students entering the building prior to 7:50 will have to use the main doors and go through the office.  The 6th and 7th grade stairwells will be unlocked between 7:50 and 8:10 for 6th  and 7th  graders to enter.   The 6th grade entrance is to the right when looking at the building and the 7th grade entrance is to the left.  All eighth graders should enter the building through the main doors.  After 8:10, anyone entering the building must come into the office through the captured vestibule.
PM Pick-up

After entering the Marshall Campus take the first left (staff parking lot). Once in the parking lot, take the first left and loop around the parking lot. Your child will be standing on the sidewalk near the Auditorium. Below is a diagram.

Pick UP