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Edible Treats Procedure

Copies of this information and this form will be kept in the main office or can be found by clicking this link.



On their birthdays, children often want to share a treat with their classmates.  Non-edible treats are highly recommended (pencil, eraser, stickers, etc.).  If parents decide to not utilize non-edible treats, acceptable edible snacks are:  pretzel rods, apple slices, graham crackers, fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat yogurt cups, cereal bars, applesauce cups, juice boxes (low sugar/light), raisins, dried fruits, or low-fat animal crackers.  Edible Treat Request forms must be submitted 48 hours in advance to allow time for the school nurse to review the ingredients due to the many severe food allergies that some children have. The form can also be obtained from the front office.  Food treats that are sent in without prior notice will be held in the office for 48 hours until the ingredients can be approved by the school nurse.  Due to the number of life threatening food allergies and attention to improved health and wellness, the administration asks parents to strongly consider offering non-edible treats. Mrs. Bjalobok and the nurse will be consulted as needed. While we encourage non-edible treats, we do understand that exceptions can be made. We ask that you complete a form listing all ingredients found in your treat and send it to school no less than 48 hours before the treat will be sent in. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping all the children at Peebles safe.