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Notes to School

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us. We are accountable for the safety and whereabouts of nearly 440 students each day, including their after-school plans. We are fortunate to be able to offer several educational and engaging learning opportunities and social groups after school on our grounds. When you child signs up for these classes or opportunities, we are provided rosters from the sponsors, in order to set up our predicted daily attendance and student routing at dismissal. As you know, there are occasions where “life happens” and alterations to the schedule or children’s attendance at their events occur. Continuing to be on top of any daily changes (i.e. medical appointments, instrumental lessons, sporting events, visits from family/friends) is certainly a challenge.


To assist us in keeping our records accurate and reflective of each child’s daily plans, we are asking that everyone work together to ensure that kids are following the plan approved by their families. Oftentimes, the little ones are confused about the days on which they are to stay or to change the plans and go home on the bus. We are not able to take the word of a child with regard to the plan and need to verify plans and clear up ambiguity by contacting you directly via phone and/or email to ensure that we are prepared by the end of the day for students’ dismissal. We are asking that everyone follow these procedures:


1.       Send in a note to your child’s teacher, or email the teacher and Mrs. Yatcko (, each day that your child is staying for an activity. The default assumption is that the children are taking the district-provided transportation; however, if they verbalize a different plan to us and there is not a note to back up what they are saying, we will always call and/or email you to confirm the plans prior to the end of the day. If you would like a template for the notes, you can find one on the IES website at this location.

2.       Within reason, please respond to the school as soon as you are able to do so, if you are unable to field the initial call inquiring about your child’s afternoon plan; the earlier we know the plan, the better. If you receive a call from the school, you are always welcome to call or email to confirm plans with us. The following contact points are possible:

a.       Call the school: (412) 366-9665

b.      Email your child’s HR teacher and Mrs. Yatcko


We appreciate your adherence to these procedures!

Many thanks!
Dr. Michalowski