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McKnight Homeroom Teachers

Homeroom teachers will be available on August 8th via the Tyler portal.  We thank you in advance for respecting our involved process of making the best fit given a number of factors.  Homeroom sections and teachers are listed in the table below:





KA - Mrs. Rieck

KD - Mrs. Rieck

KB - Mrs. Regule

KE - Mrs. Regule

KC - Mrs. King

1st Grade


1A - Mrs. Pison

1B - Ms. Noonan

1C - Mrs. Clarke


1D - Ms. Jaffe

1E - Ms. Wanke

1F - Mrs. Napper

2nd Grade


2A - Mrs. Shulik

2B - Mrs. Perkey

2C - Ms. McPherson

2D - Mrs. Morgan

2E - Mr. Conway

2F - Mrs. Kerzmann

2G - Mrs. Torchia

3rd Grade


3A - Ms. Kauffman

3B - Mrs. Rice

3C - Mrs. Hinkson


3D - Ms. Lewandowski

3E - Ms. Conway

3F - Mrs. Eyerman

4th Grade


4A - Mrs. Farrell

4B - Mr. Holleran

4C - Mrs. Geisler


4D - Mrs. Capozoli

4E - Mrs. Conrad


5th Grade


5A - Mrs. Stewart

5B - Mr. Kyle Zaspel

5C - Ms. Fallert


5D - Mrs. Goehring

5E - Mr. Ward



Grades K-2 will continue being self-contained meaning that their homeroom teacher will be responsible for all academic subjects.  Grades 3-5 will again be departmentalizing meaning that students will have multiple teachers for academic subjects.  The departmentalizing teams are as follows:


3rd Grade


Ms. Kauffman (ELA) and Mrs. Eyerman (Math, Sci/SS)


Ms. Conway (ELA) and Mrs. Rice (Math, Sci/SS)


Mrs. Lewandowski (ELA) and Mrs. Hinkson (Math, Sci/SS)

4th Grade


Mrs. Capozoli (ELA) and Mrs. Conrad (Math, Sci/SS)


Mrs. Farrell (English, Writing, Sci/SS), Ms. Geisler (Reading, Spelling), and Mr. Holleran (Math)

5th Grade


Mrs. Stewart (ELA) and Mr. Zaspel (Math, Sci/SS)


Ms. Fallert (English, Writing, Sci/SS), Mrs. Goehring (Reading, Spelling), and Mr. Ward (Math)