• Dear Parents,

    Please read 5E’s Homework Policy below.  I will go over this information with the students in school, and we will revisit the topic on Curriculum Night (Wednesday, September 14th).  Hope to see you then!


    1. Students will be provided with an assignment book the first week ofschool and are expected to carry it to every academic class so they can record homework as directed by the teacher. Parents should sign in the designated area every weekend.  The teacher will check assignment books on Monday to make sure it is signed.  This counts as a homework assignment.


     2.  I encourage my students to use a paper/binder clip in their assignment book so they can locate the proper week very quickly. Also, we have discussed in school that as soon as they get home, they should open their assignment book to the current week and place it where both the child and parents will see it (such as the kitchen table).  Some students need to unwind and release bottled up energy before beginning their homework, while others enjoy doing it immediately after school.  Either way, students should check off assignments in the box as they are completed.    


    3.  In order to prepare students for middle school, students will receive a "missed assignment" if they fail to produce a completed homework assignment during class.  It will be circled in the student's assignment book with the date and teacher's initials.  The teacher will record it in his/her records as well.  If the student returns the completed homework the following day, they will receive 50% credit.  The student is responsible for approaching the teacher with their homework on this second day with their work.  If the student forgets it again, a zero will be recorded into the grade book.  We have discussed in school that getting half the points is much better than not getting any points at all. 


    4.  Positive Reinforcement - If a student has 0 or 1 missed assignments (I believe everyone can have a bad day!) in a nine week grading period, they will be invited to attend the Super Student luncheon.  These students will get to eat lunch in the classroom, watch a movie,  and receive a free homework pass.  Please remember that a missed parent signature counts as a missed assignment. Each student starts a clean slate every nine weeks.  


    5. In most cases, students will be given at least one week's notice of any upcoming tests (Math, Social Studies, etc.) Students will get accustomed to having an open-book Selection Test after most stories in the Reading book, and these are unannounced.  Spelling Tests will be held every Friday. 


    6.   Mrs. Goehring will write all homework assignments on a large poster each week to serve as a visual aid.  Students and parents can also view homework assignments on a teacher's web page.

    Go to: www.northallegheny.org, NA Schools (see the drop down arrow near the top bar), McKnight Elementary School (about halfway down), Staff Directory by Assignment (on the side left bar), and then scroll down to find a fifth grade teacher's name.  Then you can save the webpage in your favorites for fewer clicks the next time.    


    Let’s start the year off on the right foot!  I’m rooting for all of you!  Mrs. Goehring

Last Modified on August 17, 2016