• lesson 2
    • Half note 
    • 4th finger
    • rounds
    • notes on the G string
    • 3/4
    • Slur

    Warm Up and Review

  • Turn to Page 20 and warm up with the D major scale.
  • Have students play ex. 67 as a solo.   Check to see if they are using different amounts of bow for the quarter notes and eighth notes.  
  • Now have students turn to page 21 and have them play their solo assigned from last week.    ex. 76.  

  • Turn to page 22.   Students should recognize the half notes and how they will get 2 full beats when we are in 4/4 time signature.  
  • Have students play rhythm rap to feel the bow move slowly.   Try to sustain the sound for the full 2 bests.
  • Now play Grandparents Day with the CD
  • Students should recognize the 4th finger on page 23.  Review how it has to stretch up a full step to be in tune.  
  • Have students play a scale and have them listen for their 4th finger. 
  • Students should play ode to joy with the 4th finger.
  • Now have students try to play a round.   There is a round on page 25 ex. 90 in book I.    Have students go through the steps say, pizz and bow.    See if they can play it and assign it for next week as a solo. 
  • Review the notes on the G string pp 26-27.     Have students say, pizz and play exercise 100.  
  • Play French Folk Song that is in 3/4 on page 28.   Ask them how it is different from 4/4 on the previous page.  
    • Notice ho;how there are only 3 beats in the measure. 
    • The measures are smaller. 
  • Review a slur.   Notice how the curved line goes under 2 different notes.    Have them play the slurs on page 29.   Have students get to ex. 112 for next week. 

  • Closure:

    • Make sure you bring all your materials on the day of your lesson/orchestra rehearsal.   
    • Practice cards will be checked each week.   There should be 1 hour and a parent initial each week.   Collect 18 stickers and pick a prize. 
    • The student that practices the most in any given month will get their picture on the practice card wall of fame.