• lesson 1
    • Pass out schedules check for dates and times.
    • Check instrument size.
    • Review open strings, bow hold and left hand position.
    • Pages 1-21
    • The week before lessons pass out your string schedule.   Try to compile a schedule that groups students from the same class in the same instrument. 
    • Make sure students know what days to bring their instruments and what time their first lesson will be.  
    • Review all the material that they need to bring to class.   Instrument, book, folder and practice card. 
      • Pass out new folders and practice cards so students are starting with fresh materials.
      • Check the instrument size each student should check their arm length and see if they are ready for a new instrument. 
    • Before opening the book review with the students how to sit with their instrument, proper instrument care, how to old their bow and instrument with the correct hand position. 
    • Once students are settled start reviewing book I for the first week.   Open strings, notes on the D string, tunnels, notes on the A string,  reading notes on the staff, eighth notes.   Solo on exercise 75 and 76.  
    • Make sure you bring all your materials on the day of your lesson/orchestra rehearsal.   
    • Practice cards will be checked each week.   There should be 1 hour and a parent initial each week.   Collect 18 stickers and pick a prize. 
    • The student that practices the most in any given month will get their picture on the practice card wall of fame.


Last Modified on September 12, 2012