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    In this course the students design and create original media rich  websites and computer interactive multimedia presentations  that include animation, digital video, photography, graphics, sound and MIDI music.  Students will learn to use digital cameras, scan and edit photographs.  They will shoot and edit digital video.  Students create animation and dynamic web content.  Students learn sound recording, sound editing, and design and compose MIDI music.

    In the independent final project, students are encouraged to work to their interests and strengths, emphasizing a particular subject or artistic discipline.  Projects have included digital art or music portfolios, web site development, online exhibits, learning games, multimedia stage performances, and interactive presentations on a variety of topics.

    The course emphasizes conception and planning, solving design challenges, personal artistic expression and communication through new media technology.  The course provides a foundation for careers in the growing field of web and multimedia design.  The course is taught by art and music faculty. 


    Here are some of our goals:

    • We will conceive, plan and create original multimedia artworks that express an idea, feeling or point of view, individually or as a member of a creative team.

    • We will use new media and traditional media in a craftsman like way that explores the boundaries of the media.

    • We will shape the elements of sight and sound; time, space, color, light and texture, timbre, pitch and volume to express our ideas and to create interest, memorability, and beauty.

    • We will view and listen to a wide array of work by artists, composers, filmmakers and other media artists, including student work, to analyze, critique and understand the work and the context in which it was made.

    Our evaluation of your work and your grade is based on the above standards and goals for your learning and accomplishments in Multimedia Arts.

    In each artistic project we will evaluate:

    • craftsmanship; the effective use of media tools, software, an work process.

    • design and composition; the effective arrangement of visual and sound elements.

    • original expression; unique, personal development of a theme or vision.

    In verbal and written responses to the works of art of others and your own we will evaluate your:

    • critical analysis of the formal and expressive features of the art work.

    • interpretation of the themes and ideas of the artwork.

    • understanding of the historical and cultural context of an artist and artwork.

    Visit Yo Soy, a site designed to give artists, musicians, and writers a chance to display their original work and let other members have the chance to discuss it.



Last Modified on August 30, 2010