NAI School Counselors:
    Alphabet: D - Ko  
    (412) 369-5843
    Bryan Kiggins
    Alphabet: A - C
    (412) 369-5467                            

    Matt Butler
    Alphabet: Ru - S & 9th grade Special Education
    (412) 369-5480

    Rianna Liebenguth
    Alphabet: T - Z & 10th grade Special Education
    (412) 369-5465

    Meghan Mayhew (Sub 8-23 thru 1-30) Madison Bass
    mmayhew@northallegheny.org  / mbass@northallegheny.org
    Alphabet: Kr - Ro 
    (412) 369-5485

    Counseling Office:
    Ann McLeod
    Phone: (412) 369-5464
    Fax: (412) 369-5532 


     Attention all Current AW Beattie Students & Parents:

    On Monday October 29th, 2018 North Allegheny is running on an In-Service schedule.  No classes will be held at NAI.  However, A.W. Beattie will still be in session. North Allegheny will have buses assigned to pick students up at three locations to provide transportation to A.W.  Beattie. Families can choose to provide their own transportation. 

    Students who are in need of school district transportation are responsible for getting to these points prior to the bus departure time:

    Marshall Middle School- bus leaves at 11:45am – Bus #19

    NASH – bus leaves at 12:00 noon – Bus #19 – Bus #19 picks up at Marshall then picks up at NASH then goes to Beattie

    NAI – bus leaves at 12:00 noon – Bus #57


    North Allegheny will then have 4 buses at Beattie in the afternoon which will take students directly home after school. Students should plan to ride the same bus they usually ride either back to NAI or to their Middle School rendezvous, however the drivers may reassign students based on how many need a ride at the end of the day. Since NA is not in service, the buses will take the students directly home. If you have specific questions, please contact the transportation department.


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    Resources for Families to Support Adolescents Dealing with Grief

    This is a general brochure about supporting grieving teens:

    This brochure is specific to preparing a child for afuneral:


     This is a site with many resources that are specific to supporting grieving teens: