• Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC)

    The North Allegheny School District relies on various advisory committees to counsel it as one means of discerning the needs and desires of the North Allegheny School District and its residents. The central purpose of all advisory committees is to contribute to the educational program by conducting studies, identifying problems, and developing recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness of the decision-making process. The ultimate authority to make decisions continues to reside in the powers and duties of the School Board as imposed by law.

    The Citizens’ Advisory Committee shall

    1. Provide two-way communications between the citizens and the Board for the benefit of the school-community.
    2. Inform the Board of the views of the citizens on matters of current interest.
    3. Provide information, opinions, and recommendations which would be helpful to the Board.
    4. Enable the Board to draw upon the resources of the community in making studies of various issues, programs, and concerns within the District.

    The CAC typically meets five times throughout the school year. For more information or if you are interested in serving on the Citizens’ Advisory Committee, please contact Sally Scherling at 412-369-5419 or sscherling@northallegheny.org.

    CAC Members for the 2017-2018 School Year

    Jonathan Bentrim
    Jerry Cozewith
    William Dougherty
    Cheryl Fischer
    John Friel
    Robert Griffin
    Timothy Herald
    Samantha Jablonski
    David Kreiling
    Himani Jain
    Brian Lego
    Bruce Martindale
    Keith Miller
    Thomas Oberhauser
    S. Ann Page
    Karen Rosella
    Scott Russell
    Barbara Shafran
    Abigayle Tobia
    J. Michael Wilkinson
    Jeremy Zeman
    Michael Hopkins
    Robert Scherrer