• SchoolMessenger Notification System

    SchoolMessenger is a web-based automated system and is one of the North Allegheny School District’s communication vehicles for the delivery of information to parents/guardians and staff via phone, email, and/or text. Messages may include attendance notifications, school delays or cancellations, information about a serious health-related issue, or a crisis response update.

    Parents/guardians and employees are required to create their own Personal Account in SchoolMessenger using an Activation Code provided to them by the District, a valid email address and their student’s ID number. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians and employees to keep the information in their SchoolMessenger accounts up-to-date so they are certain to receive messages. Parents/guardians and employees can also set up their account to receive messages via phone, email, text or some combination of the three.

    Using SchoolMessenger

    • To sign-up for SchoolMessenger, please fill out this form. Please use Chrome or Firefox when filling out the form. You will be sent a SchoolMessenger Activation Code which can be used to activate your account. Please allow 4-6 weeks of processing.
    • Once you receive your code, you may create your Contact Manager Account on the SchoolMessenger website. You may also edit your account once it has been created.

    Configuring your Personal Accounts

    • Messages that are sent out from SchoolMessenger can be coded in three ways: General, Emergency and Non-School Hour Emergency. School cancellation and delay information is coded “General.”
    • Unless you designate otherwise, only the first phone number you have listed in your personal account will receive General messages.
    • If you want ALL phone numbers listed in your account (or a couple of them) to be called with General messages, go into your Personal Account and check the box “General” next to every phone number listed.
    • Note that you can also indicate that you don't want any phone calls, you want only an email and/or a text message, or you can re-arrange the priority listing of the phone numbers in your account.